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Technology and Nature Connection in Slow Motion

Oddly, it was getting a smartphone back in 2010 that led to my reconnection with nature. I began writing on foot, using the phone to note nature, simple sentences about the natural stimuli and my response. Through 200+ walks in … Continue reading

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If Nature had a Celebrity Lifestyle Magazine

I was wandering past a newsagents yesterday and noticed an ad (it was very large) for a celebrity magazine with the strap line “The stars you care about”. After thinking that it’s  more important to care about the state of nature, I wondered … Continue reading

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Connecting Children with Nature: By Nature Trails and Learning or through Art?

The main focus of my research is finding the best ways to connect people with nature, because it’s good for nature’s and human wellbeing. As the interest in our connection to nature is relatively recent, most of the previous research … Continue reading

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