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Applying the Pathways to Nature Connectedness at Societal Scale

The climate emergency and crisis of biodiversity loss show that the human-nature relationship is failing. The scale of these inter-related issues requires a new relationship with nature. Bringing about that new relationship with nature requires interventions and approaches that effect … Continue reading

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Moments not Minutes: The Trouble with Time and Green Prescriptions

Might green prescriptions undermine the benefits of spending time in nature? That was the research story that made the news last week with completely misleading headlines like “Green prescriptions don’t work”. The story was based on research published in the … Continue reading

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Why the mundane is magical, and how we can keep it that way

A guest blog by Julian Dobson about our work together on the IWUN project Governments like ambitious plans. They love to talk in terms of billions of pounds and ‘moonshot’ aspirations. The shiny and spectacular make better headlines than the … Continue reading

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What best explains children’s connection with nature?

There is growing interest in reconnecting children with nature. With the relationship between children and nature being the focus of much commentary and research. Many organizations direct a great deal of resource into programs and policies to reconnect children with … Continue reading

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