Below you’ll find a summary of key guidance and scales.

A New Relationship with Nature: what it means and what we can do

The climate crisis and wildlife emergency show that the relationship between people and the rest of nature is failing. This briefing draws together key findings from our research into human-nature connections. The purpose is to inform people of the evidence and what it means in practice. Download as a PDF.

Pathways to Nature Connectedness

Our research into nature connectedness has been named by Universities UK as one of the UK’s 100 best breakthroughs for its impact. Central to that impact has been our pathways to nature connectedness. The pathways to nature connectedness were published in the journal Plos One. The paper outlines the types of activities that lead to nature connectedness – which leads to mental well-being and pro-nature behaviours. The pathways have informed the work of the Wildlife Trusts, the National Trust and others. The pathways guidance available as postcard and video.

Nature Connection Index (NCI)

Our paper in the journal Sustainability reports on a new population measure of nature connectedness – the Nature Connection Index (NCI) item selection considered people’s affective and experiential relationship with nature. A framework to inform the item themes within the NCI was provided by the pathways to nature connectedness: emotion, beauty, contact, meaning and compassion.  A weighted points index was developed so that the index ran from zero to a maximum score of 100 in line with expectations for a national indicator approach. This improved dispersion, producing more even percentiles and differentiation in the middle range. A spreadsheet that converts raw scores to the weighted index is available via the link below – full PDF version with scoring spreadsheet – free to use, just reference the paper should you publish results from it.

A Scale to Measure Pro-Nature Conservation Behaviours – ProCoBS

The first scale to focus on nature conservation behaviours (broadly habitat creation) rather than pro-environmental behaviours (resource use). The Pro-Nature Conservation Behaviour Scale was published open access in the journal Sustainability. You can download ProCoBS here – free to use, just reference the paper should you publish results from it.

Nature and Me

During our work with the National Trust we’ve been thinking about, and actively building a new relationship with nature. A closer connection with nature that can boost the wellbeing of people and the wellbeing of the natural world we inhabit. We want to share what we’ve learnt far and wide. So we’ve launched Nature and Me. A short guide with suggestions on how to get close to nature and the benefits this can bring. Nature and Me has two parts. Understanding the human-nature relationship and a guide to practically improving that relationship. It is based on research by the University of Derby’s Nature Connectedness Research Group and experiences at National Trust places. Please download a copy here.